Cheers to blue skies and magnificent sunflowers!

An ode to the Gardens of Love.

A garden is born in your heart and only then in the soil. Row by row, inch by inch it grows in your heart, and the seeds are sown from love. The call of the soil is your first step towards unending lessons of patience, resilience, surrender, and resurrection. Little do we know then that it is going to be an everlasting love story with the earth.

You make your first baby steps, falter and rise up from dirt only to be pulled back into it and its seasons of love. Right from the dew drops on a blade of grass to the magnificent sunflowers to the wild daisies to the tiny-large insect kingdom…everything holds a special place in your heart.

To believe in tomorrows, to believe in fairies, dragonflies, and ladybugs …be a gardener and create your little gardens of love.



A journey through my eyes.

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